The 𝟯𝟰th Festival is back – exactly – as we loved it #BackToNormality
📌6 – 7 – 8July #SaveTheDates
Read the Press Release by the International Relations` Committee👇
The youth who fight against imperialism, the youth who do not compromise, the young people who dream and fight for their dreams, meet for another year at the 34th Pancyprian Youth and Students Festival.
The “Committee of International Relations” will host again this year communist, progressive and anti-imperialist Youth Organizations from every corner of the planet. In the well-known corner of the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to meet and talk with dozens of foreign delegates. True to our established appointment, competitors from all over the world will be in Cyprus for these three days to share with us, information and experience from their countries and the movements they are involved in, but also to draw from the political and cultural wealth that our Organization offers through the institution of the Pancyprian Youth and Student Festivals.
On the occasion of hosting the foreign representatives and taking into account the international news, an International Seminar will be held with the participation of our guests. The Seminar will be held on Thursday 7/7 at 11:30 am, on the topic “The Militarization of International Relations “Increases in State Budgets for Military Expenditure and the Role of Anti-Imperialist Youth”.
We call on every young person visiting the Festival to stop by the International. To discuss with our sister organizations from all over the world, strengthening the bonds of internationalist solidarity between our peoples.